Youth Fightback

Across the globe working class youth are fighting back. 

They see their future being stolen from them, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. 

They have nothing in common with the career politicians in government.

In Britain certain sections of working class youth are also  hitting out.

They see education favouring the rich kids of society. They see few jobs and low wages. They see benefits being slashed and social cleansing of working class communities. 

They see career politicains not listening to them or their concerns. 

The papers and politicians try and divide the youth to prevent them voicing their anger at the Establishment - the people who are really to blame

The career politicians and their friends in the press drum up stories blaming immigrants, or single mums or the jobless for the problems of today.

But sections of working class youth can see through the lies of the career politicians and millionaire media barons.

They make a stand against evils such as racism  

They take to the streets and protest to protect their future.

They take to the streets because the career politicians don't listen to them  

They take to the streets because they are sick of the lies being fed to them and want to strike back!

Torbay Fightback offers working class youth across South Devon the opportunity to be part of what is a global struggle for social, economic and environmental justice.

It offers the chance to lead campaigns and initiate action.

It gives young people locally a voice and a platform to raise that voice.

Remember, working class youth across the world are fighting back - HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!



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