Sunday, 23 June 2013

Unite for our communities

Torbay Fightback has been involved in many campaigns since its formation in the autumn of 2012. However there comes a realisation that in order to make necessary changes in our society it is no good being insular or isolated. Therefore the time has come for Fightback members and supporters to look at the broader picture and how to help build a mass movement against austerity. To do so means being part of the basis of such a movement, and it is viewed that the Trade Union movement, which is at the heart of the struggle is the best way to proceed.

For example, look at the Unite Trade Union, the largest and possibly the most influential in the country. It is pioneering community based Trade Unionism, helping communities across the country not only in the fight against austerity, but also in improving local facilities and social cohesion.

Unite was one of the many Trade Unions involved with the fantastic ‘People’s Assembly Against Austerity’ held in London. This is another example of the excellent work of the combined effort of the Trade Unions and those in the labour movement. This single event has marked what is hoped will be the turning of the tide in the battle against cutbacks and delivering a fairer society, and why it is so important to align ourselves with a movement that is prominent in delivering that task.

Those in work should support the work of their Trade Union. Those out of work should look at joining the Unite community branch. All of us now need to work to build pro-active Trade Union participation in our communities.

As previously mentioned, Fightback has been active since last autumn and effective in organising several campaigns as well as the May Day rally. We now need to move on to the next step and not be active as a lone pressure group, but within the wider Trade Union movement. This may alienate some people (especially those that wish to carry on an isolated fight as a local group), but we have to look at the best way forward for the anti austerity and labour movement as a whole. That means laying down our lone Torbay Fightback banner and working within the Trade Union movement.

The link below is to the Unite Community Branch page