Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Greetings to all workers across South Devon on May Day 2013. We hope to see many of you at Torbay's first event to celebrate International Workers Day on Sunday 5th May.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Support Torbay's first International Workers Day event on May 5th

Torbay is the third largest conurbation in Devon. It has high rates of unemployment, low wages and increasing levels of poverty. But despite these factors Torbay and South Devon as a whole is a bit of a political backwater, its population largely content to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the huge inequality and unfairness instead of voicing their frustrations.

In November 2011 the people of the area did raise their heads briefly when more than one thousand Trade Unionists and supporters marched through Torquay. Since then, there has been little in the way of public opposition to the coalition’s austerity measures, though Torbay Fightback have been quite active recently. This is one of the reasons why Torbay Fightback is keen to sow the seeds for an annual International Workers Day event in the Bay, and our intention is that Sunday May 5th can sow those very seeds.

One thing we want to make absolutely clear is that this is not just a Torbay Fightback activity. It’s an activity for all workers, Trade Unionists, the unemployed, low waged, pensioners, peace campaigners, environmentalists, in fact anyone that is concerned about the ConDem coalition’s austerity measures is more than welcome to come along and have a say, or just listen to others. It is a real grass roots ‘people’ event.

Admittedly with Torbay not being a hotbed of political activity we do not envisage a large turnout. But what we want to see following this event is politically active people in South Devon’s labour movement sitting down and planning something for next year. As previously mentioned, Torbay is the third largest conurbation in the county and its social ingredients of low wages, unemployment and poverty means it should have an event to mark International Workers Day to highlight these issues and build solidarity in opposing them. This can no longer be ignored by Torbay’s labour movement.

The venue for what we believe will be Torbay’s first ever International Workers Day event is the former Hi-Flyer balloon site on Torquay Seafront, at 1.00p.m on Sunday 5th May.

Speakers have been invited from various Trade Unions, Torbay Trades Council and others in the labour and peace movements, but there will be an ‘open mic’ to have your say. We even welcome people wishing to sing the odd protest song.

Come and show solidarity with your fellow workers by being part of this event.

If you require more details please contact torbayfightback@activist.com

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hell she goes

The religious and spiritual amongst us believe those that have done good on Earth will go to heaven and those that have done bad or evil shall be sent to hell. This being the case it can only be assumed the late Margaret Thatcher now dwells within a firey grave.

At a time when people are remembering Margaret Thatcher, Torbay Fightback feels we should  remember those that have died or suffered as a result of Thatcherite policies.

These include:

  • Those who died in a war that could have been avoided in the Falkland Islands.

  • Those who committed suicide or suffered mental breakdowns or stress as a result of her economic policies which caused massive unemployment.

  • Those that have suffered through the effects of gang related violence, drug or alcohol abuse as a result of her destruction of working class communities.

  • Those that have suffered in the workplace due to the erosion of Trade Union rights.

  • Those that now face homelessness or live in unsuitable accommodation as a result of her selling off council housing.

  • Those employed in the manufacturing industry, the mines and the steel works who were made redundant.

  • Those whose jobs are still at risk because of privatisation.

  • And all others whose lives have been touched and ruined by the touch of Thatcher.

Thatcher the person is dead. Let’s work to drive her rotten neo-liberal capitalist ideals into the grave with her.