About Torbay Fightback

TORBAY FIGHTBACK is a collective of socialists, anarchists, greens, communists, industrial and trade unionists and individuals from Occupy and various campaign groups. We are united in fighting for economic, social and environmental justice and animal welfare

TORBAY FIGHTBACK is a democratic collective where each activist is valued for their ideas, activism and input. There are no despotic chairpersons stamping their own agenda. 

TORBAY FIGHTBACK will organise, campaign and take action in the fight against Government and Local Authority cutbacks as well as infringements to our civil liberties and democratic rights. 

TORBAY FIGHTBACK opposes sectarianism which has divided many just causes. We welcome and encourage co-operation between pressure groups and the politically active that campaign on any of the above issues. We welcome members and supporters of these organisations and concerned individuals to come and join us. 

Come and join us at our next activity or by emailing us at torbayfightback@activist.com