Thursday, 9 May 2013

Arts House ushers in another revolution

Market Street in Torquay, home of the famous bread riots of the 19th century, has now witnessed another revolution, with the arrival of the Torquay Arts House.

The Arts House is a newly opened squatted active space, ran by and completely for members of the local community.
It invites all progressive artists, musicians and political activists to join in creating an open community atmosphere brimming with positive local vibes. It has already hosted and a successful open mike evening, and houses ‘The Really Really Free Market’ (take & donate), meditation classes, library, dance classes, film nights and much, much more.

The Arts House stresses as a community project it can only achieve these endeavours with the help the community and asks the wider public to support this unique venture and if possible  

Volunteers are always welcome and should contact

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